Back to homepage is a Saas application allowing coworking spaces to offer to their members different tools, such as meeting rooms booking, marketplace, and more. In 2018, people of contacted me to redesign the booking flow, and creating a design system for the entire app.

User flows - Wireframes - Design system - Prototype - User testings

Identify navigation problems

To identity the problems on the booking flow, I created a visual representation of the current user flows. Two main problems appeared: the unnecessary and mandatory steps for a user to make a simple reservation, and the absence of system intervention to display relevant content.

User flow

Wireframes & UI design

After fixing the flow problems and creating wireframes, I focus my work on refreshing the UI of the app.

Youtube, Netflix, Deezer Youtube, Netflix, Deezer Youtube, Netflix, Deezer

User testings & quick prototyping

Because the app have changed a lot with these designs, we organized one user testing session to identify and fix potential problems and pain points of our solution.

Previous version

A single source of truth: starting a style guide

To provide autonomy to and its team, I produced a lot of re-usable components, text styles, and a set of guidelines.


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