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Deezer is a french music streaming service creating in 2007 and having 14 million monthly active users. During my mission as product designer, I focused my work on user library, music recommendations, mobile interactions and visual design.

Information architecture - User journeys - Wireframes - Visual design - Prototype - User testings

My Music redesign

My first mission was to improve the understanding of the user library, from the header section to the content listing.

My music Deezer
My music Deezer Desktop
Visual explorations
Prototype transitions

Music recommandations

As recommendations are essential in digital music platform, I analyzed and compared Deezer homepage to other services.

Youtube, Netflix, Deezer

After analyzing content between these platforms, we imagined different types of personnalized sections:

  • Because you listened XXX: Albums and playlists based on a recently listened artists
  • Similar artists to XXX: Suggested artists based on favorites artists or recently listened artists
  • Music genres: Albums and playlists based on a recently listened artists
  • New releases for you: New albums of favorites artists or recently listened artists
  • Remember: Favorites tracks or albums not listened for a long time
  • Recommended podcasts: Podcasts episodes based on listened podcasts and radios

Mobile interactions

How we could implement gestures to improve user experience on mobile.

Prototype like Prototype download

Artist and album pages

Make the album and artist pages more comfortable to read, and more enjoyable to watch.

Previous version New version
Artist page Deezer

Other projects